5 Ways To Boost The Quality Of Your Instagram Reels


Instagram’s creative tools should be enough to produce a well-edited Instagram reel. If you are hoping to add more oomph to your footage though, you can dip your toe in the vast array of third-party video-editing apps. These programs can offer you more camera filters, effects, background sound, stickers, fonts and other video editing capabilities that may not be available on Instagram.

A great option for you to try is InShot, which is a highly popular video-editing app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It does several of the things the Instagram app can do editing-wise, with a little bit more in terms of features, especially when it comes to using audio and making precise tweaks to your video clips. Newbies shouldn’t have a hard time navigating the app because it’s fairly easy to use and the built-in Help page gives you quick access to useful tutorials.

Another app you can consider is Prequel, which also has a vast library of effects, filters, and editing tool prerequisites you’d need in any video-editing app. After you sign up for an account, you can check out its huge catalog of video templates, which is perfect for getting inspiration for tweaks you may want to use on your own Instagram reel or outright use and apply within Prequel so you don’t have to manually add effects. Do note that some video templates may need you to upgrade to Prequel Gold to use, which is currently priced at $4.99/week.

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