5 Of The Most Popular Android Games Of May 2023 Worth Checking Out


Your goal in Happy Hospital: Doctor ASMR is to expand and modernize a medical center in need of a makeover. In order to upgrade your hospital’s facilities, you need to earn money by playing mini-games. In each mini-game, you are required to cure a patient with a certain ailment. More mini-games become accessible when you unlock certain portions of the hospital map. You also will be able to play different roles within the game, namely a doctor, nurse, and hospital administrator. Each character has specific duties that’ll also earn you money and gems when you fulfill them.

Although this is mostly a build-a-world type of simulation game that has plenty of room for you to explore, Happy Hospital isn’t an option for the easily grossed out. The ailments that you need to address in the game can get quite graphic — albeit in a cartoonish sense — but this shouldn’t be a problem for those who are fascinated with light medical gore. As in turns out, lots of Android users love the game, as it’s currently in the top spot for simulation games in the Play Store, has a 4.4 out of 5 star-rating, and has been downloaded over five million times.

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