5 Of The Best Mercedes Me Connect Features You Should Be Using


No one enjoys getting into a car that has been baking under the summer sun or freezing in the middle of winter. Under most circumstances, you would have to sit for quite a long time in significant discomfort while you wait for the climate control system to do its thing and cool or heat your car to your preferred temperature. 

As the owner of a Mercedes-Benz and user of the Mercedes Me Connect app, you no longer have to wait, as the app allows you to start your car and have it run the climate control system with whichever settings you last used. This means that by the time you reach your car, it will be the perfect temperature. You can speed the process up further by using this feature in conjunction with the app’s ability to open and close windows.

Regardless of the heating and cooling benefits, this feature will also come in handy on those hectic days when you’re rushing to leave home, and every second saved helps. With Remote Engine Start, you can have your vehicle running and waiting for you to simply get in and drive off, making sure you can drop the kids off at school or get to a meeting on time.

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