5 Great Tech Gift Ideas For College Graduates In 2023


Despite Netflix’s individual struggles, streaming overall is one of the most popular ways to consume media these days. One of the most convenient ways to access streaming services is through a smart TV. These tend to have apps available for most streaming platforms, and users can access their content by simply signing in. It’s also possible to access regular cable TV by downloading your provider’s app and logging into that. 

Unfortunately, Smart TVs have their flaws. They’re expensive, for a start, with a good TV usually setting you back a couple hundred dollars. Then there’s the portability issue. If your graduate is off to college, a TV is a large, bulky, fragile item they could probably do without. If there’s a TV in their rented accommodation, though it may not be a smart TV. Enter some kind of streaming device like Apple TV, a Roku box, or a Fire TV stick. These vary in price, though Amazon’s Firestick is pretty cheap, and can turn any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV.

As an added bonus, these portable devices are great if you’re going to watch TV around a friend’s house, as they reduce the chances of your login details being hijacked by someone who isn’t comfortable paying for their own subscription services.

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