5 Classic Muscle Cars That Are Still Cheap Today (If You Can Find One)


The El Camino is an iconic and easily recognizable Chevy model. The two-door muscle car is a classic ’70s powerhouse, and the El Camino adds a unique flourish to the chassis that makes it stand out with its own personality. In the rear of the vehicle, behind the seats is an exposed bed rather than a typical hatchback or trunk layout. The El Camino could act as a sort of sedan-pickup hybrid for drivers who had to haul all kinds of gear around with them. It’s a flashy vehicle, to be sure, but with this added dimension the El Camino really stands out and allows for haulage of work gear, sporting equipment, and much more. The fourth generation was gifted with a 5.7L V8 engine that further separated this vehicle from the pack. These model years were also built on the substantial wagon chassis that underpinned the Chevelle, making it a sizeable example of Chevy’s range to go along with the enlarged engine.

A 1973 El Camino in good condition averages a fair sale price of roughly $9,800, making this a great option for a buyer looking to maximize their purchasing power while looking for a classic muscle car with some serious punch under the hood.

[Featured image by Chevrolet via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and scaled | Public Domain]

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