5 Cheap Android Phones You Should Avoid Buying


Oukitel is a Chinese brand that’s been manufacturing smartphones since 2008. The range of phones offered by the outlet is geared toward rugged use, and the phones all come with rubber exterior protection around the edges. One of the most expensive phones listed on the brand’s product page is the immensely bulky Oukitel WP9, selling for just $229.99.

The phone is built using a metal frame and water-sealing fixtures that fit over ports and other weak points in the phone’s construction. The phone also incorporates a substantial 8,000mAh battery that provides a lengthy charge to support significant usage. 

However, Amazon reviewers note that the device doesn’t handle calling very well. Some buyers received phones with broken or defective parts directly from the manufacturer, suggesting a quality control issue that wouldn’t be present with a more prominent brand name. One reviewer noted that the company never responded when contacted about a fix for defective charging pins. Another buyer cautioned others about breakage from a 2-foot drop, while Oukitel claims the phone is built to withstand falls from roughly 5 feet. With the reported quality issues and the fact that the phone comes with Android 10, trailing the latest update to Android 13 by a significant margin, it’s probably best to give this one a wide berth.

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