2024 Lexus GX Gets A Release Date: Here’s What We Know


Even with the limited amount of information, one can tell that Lexus is doing away with the rounded look of the previous GX and instead opting for a much more angular, military vehicle-like approach. The headlights, for example, have been slimmed down and it looks like Lexus took a straight edge to every conceivable surface. The look follows the same design conventions of Jeep’s current line of Wagoneer Luxo-SUVs. Given the similar prices between the existing GX and the Jeep, it likely wasn’t accidental.

Lexus hasn’t dropped any more details than just a few images so any further information that isn’t from Lexus is just speculation. But it wouldn’t be world-changing if the 2024 GX had some sort of hybrid or mild-hybrid system, similar to what’s showing up in Toyota’s lineup. Given the sand-colored paint color shown in teaser images, a more off-road-focused trim or accessories package isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Although it would likely be more understated than a full-blown TRD Pro option.

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