10 Weird Lore Reveals Star Wars Did for Galactic Starcruiser


Image: Lucasfilm

… and I say that because while it’s just as vague, there is a very similar window of time that Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala were aboard the Halcyon together that, with enough temporal futzing, could also mean that Luke and Leia were conceived board the vessel.

The Halcyon Legacy comic miniseries done to advertise Galactic Starcruiser includes a flashback issue where, while undercover on a mission to observe a Republic Senator planning to defect to the Confederacy, Padmé and Anakin decide to use their cover to just publicly spend time as a married couple. They walk around the same fake-garden area you can visit (for the next four months at least), they partake in a bizarre-looking Gladiator-esque sparring combat routine, and yes, there’s lots of romantic time for smooching and uh, other things.

This mission canonically takes place at some point in 20BBY, while Revenge of the Sith is in 19BBY. Once again, you could put a nine-month-or-so time frame between these two events. You could. Star Wars gives you that opportunity to imagine the most immersive of Galactic Starcruiser experiences.

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