10 JDM Cars With The Lowest Maintenance Costs


It might not be the fastest or sharpest-handling car of its era, but the Honda Del Sol is packed full of fun features that make it a great option if you’re looking to get your hands on a Japanese classic without breaking the bank. Used prices have remained fairly low over the years, with pristine examples being available for less than $20,000 and more well-used examples easily attainable for four-figure sums. The Civic-based Del Sol shares most of its internals with its best-selling hatchback sibling, which means it’s also very cheap to maintain.

Data from RepairPal shows an average maintenance and repair cost of $366, and if you’re willing to work on the car mostly by yourself, you can push that average down even further. Like any older car, it’s important to thoroughly inspect a car before purchasing, to ensure there are no nasty surprises later down the line. In particular, check for evidence of leaks from the Del Sol’s roof, which can be tricky to fix, and for hidden rust. Honda owners’ forums are full of advice if you do find rust after your purchase, but since it’s getting increasingly difficult to find spares for the Del Sol’s model-specific parts, none of the fixes will be particularly easy or cheap.

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