10 Features We’d Want From A New PlayStation Handheld Console


Almost every console and portable device on the market supports a variety of software outside of traditional games. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, along with their direct predecessors, offer popular apps to players. These can be downloaded from digital stores and then used to stream content from providers such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Most of them also make other streaming apps available, from the likes of Spotify and Twitch.

This makes modern gaming consoles more akin to entertainment centers rather than gaming devices and gives users plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing when and how to consume content. These options are just as important for a portable device and Sony would be wise to include them in a potential handheld device. A portable console that can do more will definitely attract more users as it can do more and provide extra value.

So it is important that streaming apps for video and music are available from the start to give the console as good a chance to succeed as possible. This type of feature could be even more vital considering many of these apps are not available on the Nintendo Switch, giving Sony the opportunity to seize an advantage over its biggest competitor.

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