10 Coolest Retro RV Campers Ever Made


Mid-century design is one of the most popular styles of industrial design today, with items from the ’50s and ’60s being highly sought-after as well as modern products being styled with a similar aesthetic. This popularity applies to motorhomes as well, and the Dodge Motor Home is the epitome of mid-century design. Spawned from a prototype called the Frank Motor Home, this home on wheels is the first vehicle purpose-built to be a home on wheels rather than a modified truck, and a partnership with Chrysler led to them being marketed as a Dodge. Furthermore, the builder of these vehicles also coined the word Motorhome, although a space is included in the official name.

The body is made of fiberglass, and that gave the builder freedom to update the design rapidly as orders grew from the first models in 1961 and lasted into the 1970s under the Travco brand. Inside you can find a three-burner range with an oven, sink with running water, ample storage, and accommodations for four. Being the predecessor to the modern motorhome, the Motor Home came equipped with an on-board generator, roof-mounted air conditioner, and enclosed bathroom with shower and toilet, and it was powered by a Dodge V8 engine providing plenty of power for a cross-country journey in style.

The curves and angles of the Dodge Motor Home make it a gem in a campground of modern campers, especially when restored featuring the subdued pastels of the era and period-correct furnishings.

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