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When listening to a favorite music track or radio series, you wish to know it in the best quality possible. One of the best methods to do this is by simply adopting the best car subwoofer speaker, which can be quickly becoming incredibly common. Given the newfound popularity of subwoofer speakers, especially in cars, we’ve put together an article detailing exactly what to consider when choosing a subwoofer as well as also the best brands available.

Prior to getting into all the details make sure to have a look at our Top 10 below. We have picked our complete favorite 8”, 10″, 12″ and 15″ model for you personally. If you should be interested in a few more options simply scroll down to many more options and information.

How To Choose The Best Car Subwoofer

You do not have to take my word for given regarding the Aforementioned 3 Car subwoofers. It is possible to find your very own top 3 services and products by using the criteria I used in making my very own list. When you know What Sort of car subwoofer you would like to buy and comparing specs Can Be Quite helpful in making an informed decision.

Here really are some key specs You Might Want to consider:


To put it simply, the greater power your car subwoofer could handle, the more bass it might produce, but also the more expensive it will surely cost, simply as you are going to require a powerful amp to conduct it.

If you are looking for more bass, and louder, clearer sound, consider paying attention to RMS power ratings instead of peak power ratings. RMS (root mean square) refers to the volume of power that a subwoofer will handle on a continuous basis instead of simply in a quick period of time (peak power).

We highly suggest that you fit your best car subwoofer’s power handling to a outside amp output in order to avoid voiding your subs warranty.


A Sensitivity rating tells how effectively a speaker convert’s power (watts) applied to it into volume (decibels). Higher is better.

A sub which gets higher sensitivity rating requires less power to deliver exactly the exact number of sound for being a sub with a much decrease sensitivity rating.

Size of the woofer

Car subwoofer can be found in various sizes (Frequent sizes are 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch.), and we aren’t going to enter into disagreement for what subwoofer size plays loudest and lowest. That is not simple question to answer — you have to consider sensitivity, box size and type, available power and more specs.

If you’re looking to get a sub floor system which could play loudly and low, then distance is just not an issue, then we recommend going to your biggest size available. Otherwise smaller sub will get the job done if they truly are precisely powered and installed in the right enclosure.


Many subwoofers are ranked in 4ohms impedance load; however 2 ohms, 8 ohms in addition to double voice coil subwoofers are getting widespread. In sequence to obtain the most from the sub floor, you’re going to want a powerful external amplifier;

Search for an amplifier which will match up to some sub par in regard to power and impedance. There certainly are lots of amplifiers available on the marketplace, which means you need ton’t have some problem picking up a fantastic amp which will bring out the best in the sub floor you’ve chosen.

Number of voice coils

Double voice coils subwoofers are a favorite choice among car audio enthusiasts that are seeking more flexibility in relation of wiring that the sound systems. Dual voice best car subwoofer come with just two separate voice coils, every one of them is mounted in one cylinder which is joined to a frequent cone.

Built materials

Consider looking to get subs with rubber surrounds. Foam surrounds may also be good, however perhaps not nearly as fantastic as rubber. However, do not purchase subs built with inexpensive materials like urethane, such materials will change not just the quality of the sound that your sub will produce, however it will easily falter.

Pioneer TS-W3003D4 12″ inch Subwoofer

best car subwooferMoving right down to a real competition tier sub-woofer is Pioneer’s TS-W3003D4 12 inch Champion Series Guru. There is versatility of double 4-ohm voice coils, also with this subwoofer to become in either a closed OR flashed box.

This unit comes with a massive magnet which is combined with a double spider design to increase true linear motion (something which each subwoofer needs). To get the absolute best performance, Pioneer urges using

To find the absolute best performance, Pioneer urges using a 0.85 cubic foot sealed box OR, a 1.75 cubic foot ported box. Run an amplifier out of ranging from 450 and 900 watts at two ohms.

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 12″ inch Subwoofer

best car subwooferThe best subwoofer for cars and trucks is your Rockford Fosgate P3D5-12 12″ subwoofer. First off, you are going to observe this model is perhaps not just epic in performance, but additionally comes with an overwhelmingly positive feedback chain. From more than 200 individual reading user reviews, it receives a mean of 4.8 stars from 5.

Ranked at roughly 1,200 peak watts and 600 RMS watts, this subwoofers aluminum cone frame acts like a giant heat sink, directing heat off from the copper-clad aluminum coils. 25 percent more surrounding rubber connected to the cone will help to go more air (approximately 25 percent more), because of this helping to increase bass degrees.

In regard to box size, Rockford Fosgate recommends having 0.75-1.25 cubic feet of distance for closed box, also 1.79 cubic feet of distance in a closed box. So far as amplifier wattage, the ideal power needs to really be 450-900 watts RMS in 2ohms.

Kicker CVR124 12″ inch Subwoofer

best car subwooferA bit down in power when compared to Type-R but considerably cheaper, we’ve got the Kicker 10CVR124 12″ 4 Ohm subwoofer. Reinforced with an injection-molded polypropylene cone shaped and encompassed by Santoprene rubber, this subwoofer is capable of punching briefs bass notes at 800 g MAX and approximately 400 g RMS consistently.

Frequency response speeds are between 25 and 500 Hz (a considerable jump from one other best car subwoofer we reviewed), sound and volume sensitivity is right across 86.9 dB. From innumerable consumer feedback, this particular model by Kicker hits quite difficult. We highly advise using a mono amplifier ranked between 300 and 600 watts RMS at 2 ohms.

Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-R 12″ inch Subwoofer

best car subwooferMaybe not a lot can assert that the Alpine Type R, is one of “the” subwoofers which BIG thumping sound systems typically have. Only a step beneath its big brother, Type-X, this 12″ two Ohm subwoofer is sufficient to wrap every aspect of your vehicle with no difficulty whatsoever, seriously. At the peak points with this sub-woofers potential, it’s 3,000 watt amps MAX and onto the RMS side it’s right around 1,000 watt amps.

To manage this kind of power, you’d probably assume there is some kind of reinforced parabolic cone arrangement, well you are correct. Sound sensitivity is approximately 84.7 dB and frequency response is between 24 and 200 Hz. Last but not least, to find the optimal sound we advise that you have the following sizes for the box: .75 to 1.00 cubic feet to get closed and 1.25-1.50 cubic feet for ported.

Price is quite affordable, and in many cases only one subwoofer will “shake” your entire vehicle.

Polk Audio DB1040 10″ inch Subwoofer

best car subwooferMoving down to an infinitely more casual subwoofer, Polk Audio DB1040 is ideal to get a non-violent Sound-System. In 10″ inches in size, this subwoofer hits lots difficult for your money. Compare it to its rivals, and in the majority of situations your decision is with this subwoofer.

This particular woofer includes a single voice coil, equipped with a dark dynamic balance plastic composite cone. Peak handling power is ranked at approximately 540-watt amps, even while the constant running power is currently at 270-watt amps RMS.

Exactly what 55 dollars gets you’re damn good starter subwoofers. While definitely not the hardest hitting speakers you’ll enter into touch with, they have been by no way feeble. If not being overpowered, this Polk Audio subwoofer produced heavy, but fresh bass to compliment your car’s speakers.

Infinity Reference 1262w 12″ inch Subwoofer

best car subwooferInfinity Reference produces some pretty affordable audio equipment, from car component speakers to their sub woofers. The Infinity Reference 1262w 12″ inch High-Performance subwoofer. What causes this best car subwoofer standout for all of us is your price, and power output it provides.

Starting off with the maximum power output signal, this subwoofer’s double voice coil compels 1,200 watts, as for R MS it pushes out 300 watts. Frequency response ranges from 2-3 Hz to 400 Hz and sensitivity of approximately 9 3 dB.

Ideal sealed box volume Infinity urges to beat least 1.25 cubic ft, as por porter they urge at least 2.0 cubic feet. When powered satisfactorily and put in a good sized box, this 60 dollar car subwoofer will impress you. Test it out to yourself.

Currently, more than 230 individual user reviews have given it a 4.5 star rating being a average. Test it out to yourself.

What Is a Car Subwoofer?

You’d be forgiven for not even knowing exactly what a best car subwoofer is or maybe not having been aware about a subwoofer speaker. In essence, that a subwoofer is a speaker substantially like every other speaker, even however it’s more specifically designed to replicate a fantastic amount of bass guitar.

It achieves this by sitting at the budget of sound frequencies. Many more compact speakers struggle to achieve this type of very low end frequency, so ergo why subwoofers have a tendency to become larger.

Given their size as well as very low frequency, subwoofers are well-known for providing high quality of audio well above that which you’d expect with a normal speaker.

With that in mind, lots of car subwoofer users find it difficult to go back to their classic speakers afterwards using one. After that a quick time with a subwoofer, so you’re going to be left wondering just how you ever listened to music in your car without one.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Car Subwoofer?

If You Aren’t sure if or maybe getting a subwoofer for the car is a Fantastic transfer, here are some benefits Which You Can takes into consideration:

Realistic Sound Experience:

These “best car subwoofer” are manufactured with the aim of creating a realistic sound experience. They frequency tones (bass) which can be vital for quality sound. Additionally, since they have been not as powerful and smaller in contrast to full size audio systems, they could create amazing music within the vehicle’s limited distance.

Bass Range Specialization:

Because many car speakers aren’t able to manage sounds of low frequency, car subwoofers work great in filtering bass tones instead. This contributes to proper enhancement of bass sounds and at exactly the exact same time reducing wear & tear about the opposite car speakers.

Distortion Prevention:

One main issue undergone by the majority of vehicle audio systems is distortion. This occurs once the cone of this speaker is vibrated far beyond its capacity. If this is the situation the sound will not seem as clear as it might otherwise. The solution to this issue is installing a subwoofer which manages different low frequency sounds, in addition to higher bass volumes. This way that the musical experience will end up richer.

Prevention of Damage to Speakers:

Cheaper car speakers are prone to damage especially once they will need to create music of higher amounts. Subwoofers are designed especially to permit thicker cone fluctuations which are wanted in order to achieve precision in low-frequency replication.

Non-Directional Bass:

Bass is naturally non-directional to the human ears. This usually means that no matter the location at which this equipment is installed, the more bass sound appears to emerge from throughout the car. This can not only avoids listening discomfort, however, also gives you a great deal of options as to where to install the subwoofer.

Here’s Some Of The Most Common Subwoofer Sizes On The Market:

Exactly like whenever choosing a home subwoofer, whenever choosing the best car subwoofer to fit your requirements, you’ve got to ask yourself, “What kind of bass are I looking for?”

The best subwoofer isn’t necessarily the biggest. Different sizes of subwoofers respond and deliver different sound to different music. Finding the right fit for the music preferences is crucial. Let us speak about the different sizes of subwoofers and what kind of sound they emit.

  • 8″ Subwoofers – The smaller that the woofer the faster, more responsive and punchier it is. A 8″ woofer will maintain with quicker unforgettable music. Heavy stone, double bass and also overly busy electronic are excellent candidates to get the 8″ sub. It’s really a wonderful choice for anyone that likes soft and light bass. A 8 inch subwoofer is one which compliments something instead of overwhelming it. If you like very loud and heavy bass, then this might not be the ideal choice for you personally.
  • 10″ Subwoofers – 10’s are common. They will be definitely the most well rounded and safest choice to get a subwoofer on the industry. The 10″ will maintain with fast paced music while creating a decent amount of bass guitar. They have been good for busy music, along with good with heavier bass music. Even the 10″ subwoofer will pay for it all. However, if you are looking for big bass, then you will need to double up with all the 10″ to have the quantity that you would like.
  • 12″ Subwoofers – The 12″ sub is actually the very frequent in the market today. This is as they’re so universal. They truly are excellent for virtually all sorts of music, create a thick bass and cover a much deeper array of frequencies. They will not keep up with fast paced music like thick stone or metal and the 10″. However, it will appear ideal for several varieties of music, especially rap, electronic, pop and club up.
  • 15″ Subwoofers – 15″ subwoofers are not a common size sub. They are maybe not just a fantastic solution to the everyday music listener either. However, if you’re looking for ear bleeding bass then you’re in the right type.

To summarize, whenever choosing a sub for the car or vehicle, you have to consider several things. To begin, the degree of music that you would like to listen to, kind of music, along with confinements of this location. 8″ subwoofers are excellent for leveling out a sound platform while some 15″ will wake up the neighbors. Your best bet is your 10″ or even 12″ subwoofer.

Bear in mind, each one of the top-rated best car subwoofer require an great amplifier. Checkout All the Best Car Amplifiers, and also the Best Subwoofer Amplifiers for information about choosing an amplifier which will fulfill the specs of your subwoofer.

Choosing The Right Amplifier For Your Subwoofer

best car subwooferRegardless of what the “best car subwoofer” you proceed with is, you still require amp. It’s very crucial to decide on the appropriate amp as the amplifier is what’s responsible for powering the beautiful system you’ve made. Even inexpensive subwoofers must make use of the appropriate amp if you would like the outcome.

Choosing the right amplifier is sometimes somewhat bit tricky as well as the specs might be overwhelming at first. Amplifiers possess 3 defining factors which can be:


Amplifiers are available in lots of different channel specifications. The number of channels necessary for the amplifier is determined by the amount of subwoofers you’ve got. By way of instance, if you’ve got just two economical subwoofers speakers inside your enclosure then you should go for 2 channel amplifier.

Multiple channels in a amplifier will give you the option to enlarge and do more things with your audio. But a higher channel count frequently times means paying a higher price. That being said, today’s  amplifiers  are extremely powerful and will be installed to a single channel amp.

The best amplifiers in industry have built in controllers that allow customization of their bass along with its particular sound.


When breaking down a subwoofers power requirements and specification, the first thing to check in is RMS Watts and Peak Watts. RMS wattage outlines the sum of power a subwoofer could handle and output to a continuous basis.

Similar to some power lifters 1 rep maximum, Maximum wattage is actually a dimension of their maximum output signal of the subwoofer until it breaks down and is busted.

When analyzing RMS watts specification, it’s outside crucial that the Amp’s RMS Watts specs fit up with the subwoofer’s RMS watts specs. While shopping for an amplifier, you will notice that the fabrication list an RMS watts range. This range is definitely an indication of what the bare minimum is and that which the up most maximum is in the amplifier.

A vital principle of thumb when comparing to subwoofer and amplifier’s RMS watts is to be certain that the subwoofer’s maximum RMS watts is relatively close to your amplifier’s minimum RMS Watts. Believe me when I say this, it’s best to get an overpowered subwoofer than underpowered one regardless of what exactly the “best car subwoofer” is.


In the reach of subwoofers and car audio, a measurement of electrical resistance is referred to as Impedance. A mismatch between an amplifier and subwoofer’s Impedance may lead to terrible sound quality or worse, an overheating technique.

That said, depending upon your own sound system, matching an amp and also a subwoofers Impedance is fairly simple. Majority of the car sub woofers in today’s market are just two ohms or 4 ohms. If we were to pick an amp out for two type R alpines which can be 4 ohms per piece, we’d need a power plug with 8ohm impedance.

Last, If you are ever going to be installing a double voice coil woofer with 2-ohms, the required amplifier impedance would-be  4-ohm because each distinct connection is 2-ohms.


There you have it folks, an entire how-to guide on picking the right “best car subwoofer” type, subwoofer brand, the right amplifier and also just how to install them. Car audio is quite opinionated along with also the best subwoofer for one individual could be different to the next.

You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the best car subwoofer today after reading this article. I really hope this helped a number of you folks that were a bit lost when choosing a subwoofer. Believe-me whenever I mention this, adding a quality and sometimes maybe inexpensive sub woofers into your vehicle is like no other.

The roaring bottom of one’s subwoofer because you cruise down the trail is something everyone should experience! Hopefully you’ve found that the “best car subwoofer” which is tailored to your requirements. Thank you for stopping by!

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