Best Acrylic Bathtub Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

best Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic tubs are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners. They have been economical in relation to tubs made from different materials and also can be bought in all kinds of designs. If you have a huge budget, or if you want to keep your costs as low as possible, these best acrylic bathtub reviews are sure to enable you to select the tub that is best for you and your family.

We also have included a helpful guide to allow you to find more information about acrylic tubs and what to watch out for.It’s possible to find both freestanding bathrooms and people which have to be fixed to a wallsocket. Freestanding baths are expensive however as they need to be created from the thicker and more acrylic, where as the more affordable baths are reinforced using fiberglass.

Baths come with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect your acrylic bathtub in the first year or two of ownership. This can give you peace of mind with your purchase.

American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge 5-feet Bath Tub

best Acrylic BathtubIf you pick this American Standard 5 ft bathtub, you’re going to have the ability to enjoy soaks, because it is spacious and relaxed. Yet another benefit of Americast is that it lets bathrooms to be built to be thicker, more spacious and more economical.

This best acrylic bathtub comes with a integrated blouse, which ensures that you may not require a side plank in order to finish this bath. Your plumber will have one more thing to install thanks to this particular apron and you also will need one less thing to buy.

This bath includes a tile flange integrated round it so that it is much easier to install. It is possible to pick from bone, linen and white finishes should you opt for this bath, which means that you may match the toilet flawlessly to some existing furniture and décor that you may have in the bathroom.

The curves with this tub are designed for relaxation and style. Built in lumbar support guarantees that the back is reinforced as you possibly can and there is a good contoured head rest built into the design. This fully slip-resistant bathroom will even make sure your safety when you step in and from it, hence there isn’t any demand for almost any unsightly toilet mats in the tub.

Kohler K-715-0 Villager Bath With Left-hand Drain, White

best Acrylic BathtubKohler is really a brand name when it comes to choosing high-quality bath-tubs for the home. This Villager Bathtub is one among the bathrooms in the collection and also also you could remember to have a relaxing retreat each time. One of the main setbacks relating to this bathtub is the fact that it weighs approximately 300lbs.

You will have to make sure that the bathroom floor is sufficiently strong to encourage it and also you also will have any difficulty in getting it into your bathroom if you don’t need a very clear way to carry itaway. The solid cast iron constructionensures that this bathroom is very good quality and is created to continue.

The apron which is integrated into the design helps to ensure that you will not have to be concerned about purchasing a matching side panel. Sometimes, it could be difficult to get hold of a side panel which matches manner and with the color of the bathroom and also these panels can be expensive. It is possible to save yourself the trouble of trying to find a suitable one along with saving money.

You need to keep in mind that this bath is sold with a drain so that that you wont have the ability to install it in in whatever fashion round. You need to assess you waste pipe to be certain that it will soon be in a position to become drained correctly and if not, you will want to opt for a right-hand drain model. It is possible to be certain that this beautiful and refined tub will continue for years to come with very frequent usage.

Akdy F296a Bathroom White Color Acrylic Bathtub

best Acrylic BathtubIf you are looking for an affordable yet attractive acrylic tub, you need to look no farther than this best acrylic bathtub from AKDY. It has been designed to function as economic plus it will bring world-class modern qualities to your own bathroom that you never knew existed.

This luxury tub isn’t simply perfect for your own consumer experience but also seems amazing if it is installed in your bathroom. You will impress any guest that sees this because it has striking appearance relating to it. If is elegance and also the contemporary that you would like to bring to a bathroom, this bath is usually the one to select. This bath from AKDY includes a sizable water capacity.

It is likewise more than 66 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. These dimensions allow even visitors to relish the experience with this spa-like bathtub. The acrylic that this tub is created out of comes with a antibacterial coating. This may make it easier to clean and keeps your tub hygienic for each usage.

Acrylic is a option for manufacturing bath-tubs like this one, as steel, so it is cold to the touch and will be quite embarrassing. This bath features a high gloss finish, also you may make certain that it will not grow scratches or marks because the color is constant across the acrylic material.

Kingston Brass Vtrs592928 59-inch Contemporary Acrylic Bathtub

best Acrylic BathtubWhy pay a ton of money on visiting the spa once you might bring the spa to you! This contemporary acrylic bathtub in Kingston is the tub for transforming your bathroom into a tranquil and relaxing spot to unwind after a very trying day.

This will bring a traditional appearance whilst the present day and durable acrylic construction provide a contemporary texture. It is possible to be certain that this ‘best acrylic bathtub’ will continue you for quite a lengthy time since acrylic is hard wearing. You might benefit using this tub being super simple to wash.

The antimicrobial properties of this acrylic finish will make certain you could simply wipe any residues from the top of bathtub and no bacteria will build up. The acrylic is between 3 and 5mm during this tub therefore that you may be certain that it will soon be thick enough to encourage that the water within it in addition to the overall weight of their user.

This will give you a profound and relaxing experience and you also will feel like you’re in a hot spa.

That you do not have to be worried about purchasing any additional drains or overflows to this particular bathtub, since it’s comes packaged with them. All you have to be worried about is contacting your plumber that will have the ability to fit the ‘best acrylic bathtub‘ for you personally.

You must be aware that freestanding tubs require just a little bit more room than bathtubs which can be fixed to the walls, therefore this acrylic bathtub might suit a bathroom.

AKDY AZF210 Freestanding Acrylic Bath Tub

best Acrylic BathtubThis freestanding acrylic bathtub will create a excellent focal point in your bathroom. With its oval form and smooth lines, not only does it provide a beautiful part, however it also sustains the normal position of the man or woman taking a bath – the mind, shoulders, and feet being slightly raised.

Just like the previous model, this one step 63 inches in length and also 30.70 inches in thickness. This tends to make it one of their biggest acrylic bathtub models available on the industry nowadays now – being perfect for both singles and couples looking for an ideal soak.

It features a few standard features – antibacterial and non-painted surface, non-slippery bottom and amazing temperature retention – since this bath is one among those very few ones around to be produced with 100% acrylic plastic. Even as we mentioned previously, this material doesn’t conduct heat, and having a best acrylic bathtub means atleast one hour or so of perfect temperature water.

Adaptive feet will likely come included in this package, however, you will need to buy the bath filler separately. Again, this is just a bummer which you’ll strike with many standing bathtubs, therefore it must not be criteria for turning this wonderful product down.

Best Acrylic Bathtub Buying Guide

Things To Consider

Prior to purchasing your acrylic tub, you will have to consider several points first. There are various kinds of acrylic baths outthere with different styles, configurations, and sizes, which means you need to be certain that you consider every point prior to making your purchase. This beneficial buying guide will give you a good idea of how some of the things you need to consider whenever you’re looking at acrylic bathtubs.


In case you are to buy a brand new best acrylic bathtub, you ought to get some idea of where abouts in your bathroom that you would like to install it. Whilst a few baths have loads of room, the others are quite small and streamlined. If there is a bathroom, you will have the ability to opt for a bigger acrylic bathtub if you wish. They’re slick, stylish, as well as odd.

If you have a tiny bathroom, but it is not suggested that you buy a freestanding acrylic bathtub, since you will never have the ability to move around it correctly. It could become described as a waste of valuable space on the floor. If you might have a toilet, then then you should certainly consider a bathtub.

Some require that you fix 2 sides. This will make it possible for one to utilize some of a few of the partitions and this partitions for the bathroom for still another piece of bathroom furniture if you’d like. An tub is a superb choice for baths that are small. This kind of bathtub might be installed into the tiniest of alcoves in the own bathroom. You simply have to pick the size which will fit the best.


Even the size of a tub which you opt for will probably be determined by the size of the men and women that will soon be using it. You will additionally have to pick the right size of a tub which will fit in your own bathroom without being too large and take up a space.

If you’ve got space to it, you should make an effort to obtain the tub that you possibly could. This will make sure that regardless of who lives in your home in any one time, you will have the ability to give them a tub to make use of that they could fit.

Even if there is absolutely no one in the home he had been particularly tall, then you might want to provide a guest a relaxing tub at some point.If you’re looking to get a particularly massive tub that you can fit a couple in if mandatory, then you should certainly consider corner bathrooms. Corner best acrylic bathtubs are wider than a tub.


If you’d like a tub which will soon be more than functional, you need to take a look at the various characteristics which can be available with this model. Many acrylic bathtubs possess chairs in them. This chair will make it possible for you to comfortably sit in the bathtub without needing to receive down all of the way to floor.

This is sometimes preferable for your older or disabled men and women that are much less able to endure out from a lower seating position. For relaxation, a few bathtubs have an inbuilt lumbar service region. This will make certain that the back is encouraged whilst you’re relaxing in your tub. Other bathtubs have a head rest to strengthen your mind whilst you relax.

To make certain you’re safe once you’re stepping out from their tub, you should search for best acrylic bathtubs which arrive with the floor. This kind of tub is normally preferable for people that want assistance getting in and out from their toilet. You will not have to make use of a bathmat whenever you’re getting in and out from the tub if your tub has a floor. Bathmats are I’ll leave in exactly the identical spot most of the time and may be breeding ground for bacteria.

Getting into a tub that’s bacteria in is not likely to enable one to acquire clean.Whenever you’re in the bathtub, you will need to place most of your toiletries. If you’ve decided on our freestanding tub, then you will realize that you will likely have no shelf space to break your toiletries on.


In case you are to install your tub, it is important that the installation is really as simple as possible. Tubs arrive with user-friendly instructions to explain to you the best way to install your buy. If you buy a tub which is not hard to install, you then will probably be in a position to install it from your self.

Because tubs are pieces of furniture, you will probably need to have somebody else to be able to at least lift your tub in place. You need to make certain you purchase a tub with each of the fixtures that you’ll require in the box. Whilst many bathtubs do come with this as standard, you always need to check to make certain.

If you would like to buy a tub that doesn’t arrive with the fixtures, you will want to obtain these at exactly the exact same time since you purchase your bathtub that you will find a way to install it once it arrives.Luckily, best acrylic bathtubs are lightweight and aren’t too significant to be carried upstairs. Even if the bathroom is upstairs, you will have the ability to find the top upstairs with the support of some other individual.


Whenever you’re thinking about which tub to get, you need to be sure to pay attention to this configuration of one’s garbage pipe. This will determine which side your drain has to be on.

Even though some bath-tubs cannot be universal, the majority of them are designed for a specific configuration. They will mention if or not they truly are right-hand or lefthand bath-tubs in case you are to produce your buy.


If you’re wondering if your tub is fantastic value for money or maybe not, it is an excellent idea to assess the accessories that you are going to be getting with it.  Even the bathtubs come on their own with nothing higher than the usual fixing kit.

More expensive and luxurious acrylic bathtubs come with increased accessories so that you will get your tub installed without having to buy any items. It’s possible to find bath-tubs which can come filled with a garbage drain and overflow kit. This will often fit the manner of the bathtub and also you may make certain that it will undoubtedly be the right size for the bathtub.

Even if your tub gets got the drain included, it is possible to still make certain that you will end up saving money. Entire luxurious bath kits arrive with the drain included, in addition to the tap, connectors as well as in certain instances, they a few with a spray attachment.

Set that is included with your tub in one of the kits will certainly suit the design of one’s own best acrylic bathtub. Even though you may need to make sure that the fixtures in the bathroom suit this faucet, then you will figure out how to save plenty of money.


Obviously, whenever you buy your tub, you will require to be certain that it will endure so much as possible. This is the reason it is actually a fantastic idea to inspect the warranty which is being offered in your own model. You need to make certain that you see the tiny print which will come with the warranty to make sure that you understand precisely what is covered.

You will notice that you’ll find different lengths of warranty period available. Even though this could seem like it is maybe not sufficient, you will often find that defects with bathtubs will simply occur within the first couple of years. These warranties are generally comprehensive and will cover everything from the manufacturing process to the finish of their top.

Limited lifetime warranties are just another option that you will find sometimes. Whilst they may give you a peace of mind, these kinds of warranties can sometimes indicate that the things that you think are insured are not covered. Again, you also ought to check to find out exactly what you’re being offered whenever you’re purchasing a tub with a limited lifetime warranty.

How To Install An Acrylic Bathtub

If you’re feeling particularly confident, you will have the ability to install your very ow0 best acrylic bathtub. It is perhaps not required to be more qualified to install a acrylic bathtub provided that you’re feeling that this is within the lands of ability.

There are not many actions to be performed as it comes to carrying out this job, nevertheless, you have to make certain that you’re precise and careful while you’re installing your tub. The first and you also will have to do is decide on which the tub is going to proceed. Be certain the dream home matches up with the garbage pipe in order that it could get in touch if everything is in position.

You will additionally have to make sure the plumbing pipes to the faucet have been accessible so that you are able to link the faucet to your pipework.


For the majority of the modern homes today, the acrylic tubs would be the for your own restroom. As the tubs are built to provide long-lasting durability and relaxation, all these will be the best purchase which it is possible to result in the property.

See the reviews which can be provided and pick the right ‘best acrylic bathtub‘ for the own house by keeping in mind all of the reminders and tips which were mentioned previously to assist you in the procedure.

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