Best 6×9 Speakers reviews & Buying Guide 2017

best 6x9 speakers

Considering purchasing a brand new pair of best 6×9 speakers for the car? Feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices available, from components to coaxials to 3-way along with 4-way speakers? We totally have it.

Shopping to find the best 6×9 speakers is especially important – also uniquely challenging. You would like your music to seem harmonious. However, in addition you desire to create an economical decision, selecting a pair of speakers that is reliable and effective at delivering well-balanced and clear audio quality.

What’s more, the sector is filled with lots of choices, making listening to any or all speaker models outside of this question. This is exactly the reason we did the search to assist you make an informed decision and steer you toward the top 10 best 6×9 car speakers.

Introduction to the Best 6×9 Speakers

If you love listening to music if travelling, the very last thing that you would like in your car is really a speakers with a poor and muted sound. Your car’s audio needs to be on top of the game in order to increase the satisfaction you will get from your driving experience.

You might have obtained your car with an expensive head unit however it’s regrettable that you are not going to reap far out of it. Frequently, factory fitted speakers create noise which is undoubtedly inferior to high-quality car speakers like the 6×9’s.​​

Best 6×9 speakers really are this effortless method to upgrade your car stereo’s noise or to include a bass to your car’s sound without having to buy another car subwoofer and amplifier. There are tons of people who think that the 6×9 speaker is your best size speaker system for bass guitar. Consequently, if you would like to receive yourself a fantastic bass kick from your own stereo, adding a fantastic pair of best 6×9 speakers will do the trick.

Usually, you only have to install your brand new best 6×9 speakers into a premade opening or mount them onto the back deck. Depending upon the model you purchase, the sound quality will be different. Thus, it is important to head to the store and see them until you buy. Once they’re in your car it’s too late to decide which they wont get the job done. The ultimate solution to low-performance speakers is replacing them with all the newest speakers, also there is certainly a wide variety of these to accommodate to your own preferences.​​

If you are really into music, you will appreciate that the best 6×9 speakers really are beneficial to providing a crystal clear sound. In general, they truly are fantastic speakers to cover the complete selection of excellent quality and noise. Additionally they provide a ton of application applications. I have included ten of the “best 6×9 speakers” available on the industry in addition to being a guide with tips about what to search for whenever you’re out shopping for the 6×9 speakers for you personally.

For all anyone of you that don’t have any idea why is a car speaker an excellent one, you only have to know several features to become well-informed because you hit the stores. The majority folks understand we need decent noise and also we do not wish to drain out our savings accounts to receive it. Below are a number of things to understand to get the best from the speaker buy.


All these are cone-shaped mechanisms which produce the high sounds. You desire a tweeter made from strong, vibration, and heat resistant material. The more expensive the material it is constructed from, the higher the quality. High-end tweeters in many cases are made from silk while factory tweeters are constructed from plastic.


This is additionally a cone-shaped region of the speaker which produces the sounds that are low, like the bass guitar individuals we all have been looking for.  Fantastic woofer material is heat resistant, strong, and lightweight.  Lowend woofers will undoubtedly be made from paper material while high-end materials will include metals and composites.

Frequency Range

This will decide how poor the bass is and how high the notes may accomplish. Frequency ranges are measured in hertz to kilohertz with ordinary low frequencies for car speakers falling in the 20 to 2000 hertz (Hz) range, and also the high frequencies in 8 to 22 kilohertz (kHz), or 8,000 to 20,000 Hz. Interestingly enough, frequency ranges may move higher and below this, this is merely the product range that humans could hear between.

Speaker Fitting Size

Ensure that you check your manual to help you know exactly what size will fit in your car. Nothing is more challenging than paying a great deal of money and then finding out they’re too big for the vehicle. Still another option is to be certain that the best 6×9 speakers you’re buying comes with a flexible attachment to fit a lot of different size openings.

Polk Audio Aa2691-A Mm691 6×9 3-Way Speaker

best 6x9 speakersFor individuals wanting a sturdy pair of speakers, Polk Audio has a solution to you in sort of AA2691-A best 6×9 speaker kit. You will become just a pair of speakers to get little bit higher price however, also the speakers possess advanced level construction and innovative materials.

They’re produced from carbon composite plus even contain neodymium magnets for high level strength and durability. The cones aren’t from rubberized but of glass fiber composite material. Most of meaning that this collection is very powerful and with RMS power of 135 Watts it will blow your doors away

Obviously, this pair is right for bass-loving car audio enthusiast that desires to build strong system from different components.

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Jl Audio C2-690tx 6×9-Inch 3 Way Speakers With Silk Dome Tweeters

best 6x9 speakersAn extremely elegant looking pair of 3-way speakers stems out of JL Audio plus they’ve got an interesing spec. This collection is maybe not probably the most powerful in the marketplace or the least expensive however, is trendy because of its design and construction. The peak power is small 125 Watts plus so they will have 75 Watts of RMS.

But with the strong bass along with quality mid selection and tweeter, this speaker may create some really clean noises perfect for lovers of classical music or jazz.

Since the power is maybe not too big you are able to install them without the Sky and they’re relatively cheap therefore that they are perfect proposition if you’re into classical music or jazz.

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Infinity Kappa 693.11i 220w 6×9 Inches 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

best 6x9 speakersThe interesting pair stems in Infinity, a renowned manufacturer of premium audio equipment in shape of 2 powerful 3-way speakers.

Nicely designed and well implemented, these speakers are simple to install. The main selling point is their power and also this is really a very powerful pair. The peak power is quite high 660 Watts and the RMS power is 220 Watts which is well beyond the competitors.

You will probably be very happy to understand that the construction is complex and the materials used are high quality. This suggests this will definitely keep delivering powerful bass and treble and will not break under the pressure. The price is quite cheap at only about $120 which is really a barging in this category.

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Rockford Fosgate Power T1693 6×9-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

best 6x9 speakersVery nice group of just two 3-way speakers for an adequate price and with adequate power from brand name company famous for quality and performance. This collection contains two speakers assembled from fresh and durable materials and with nice power in shape of 200 Watts of peak power and 100 Watts of RMS.

Aluminum dome tweeter with plastic suspension and also polypropylene cone with rubber surround ensures that this pair of “best 6×9 speakers” will deliver strong bass and precise sound in addition to high sounds. Fantastic for installing with an amplifier of higher end car with the great stock audio strategy

One of these interesting features is integrated cross over hidden inside the jar to get easier installation and cleaner appearance. We recommend this system for many of its features, quality, and price.

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Jbl Gto939 Premium 6×9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker – Set Of 2

best 6x9 speakersIf you’d like a pair of powerful 6×9-inch coaxial speakers out of brand name company in a really cheap price, then the JBL’s GTO393 is an item for you personally.

Carbon-injected cones produce a powerful bass effect and the remainder of the speaker is a equally significant duty. This usually means that the pair of JBL’s speakers will survive for long and will withstand powerful bass sounds in high volume.

The users reported that this collection delivers on its promise and also the sound is very clear and strong which is fantastic to understand. The price is truly inexpensive sub $100 which helps make this collection a perfect proposition for virtually any money saving enthusiast.

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Pioneer Ts-A6985r 6″ X 9″ (6×9) 4-Way Ts Coaxial Car Speakers

best 6x9 speakersThe following Pioneer’s discontinued collection is this interesting and cheap 4-way speakers. For just little more than 50, you’ll be able to find yourself a quality pair of 4-way speakers with very excellent characteristics, advanced level construction, and materials.

The Pioneer’s tech and manufacturer helps to ensure that the sound reproduction is ideal along with high power (550 Watts maximum and 200 Watts RMS) makes certain that the sound is strong, loud if you need and also the bass is quite powerful.

Remember to purchase these while the stock continues since as of this price, they will not be available for more.

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Kicker 40cs6934 6×9″ 900w 3 Way Car Coaxial Speakers

best 6x9 speakersFantastic bargain from Kicker since they introduced interesting kit at very inexpensive price with good specifications. These four 3 way speakers contain quality components and materials together with plenty of power. In reality, the combined power is 450 Watts of peak power and 150 Watts of RMS.

This is quite enough for replacement speakers. The specifications, price and also the remainder really define this offering being a ideal choice for replacing stock speakers of one’s car.

But, you need to be aware that you will desire just a little bit more power therefore finding installing an amp is suggested.

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Pioneer Ts-A6995r 6×9 Car Speaker – Set Of 2

best 6x9 speakersThis pair of best 6×9 speakers have been regrettably discontinued by producer however you still will find them available at an extremely reasonable price similar to the previous set (Kicker 40CS6934).

You ought to catch them while you can since this Pioneer’s offering is one among many best with plastic speaker encircle, high level and innovative cone construction materials and also very nice design.

The power is really decent as well and you also get 600 Watts of peak power along with 200 Watts of RMS which is quite alot out of a pair of two 3-way best 6×9-inch speakers. You will find a few versions available and also two basic contours, circle and ellipse structure, therefore choose whichever suits your car the best.

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Alpine Spr-69 6×9″ 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

best 6x9 speakersVery nice and powerful collection stems in Alpine in shape of SPR-69. It has just two 2-way 6×9-inch speakers equipped with hybrid fiber cone along with Santoprene rubber surround. This usually means that the collection could produce quite strong, accurate and clear bass sounds. This is correct intention of this manufacturer and also Alpine intended those speakers for people that need to build whole custom made system and pay attention to lower and bass tones.

The power is actually impressive and now there is 600 Watts of peak power with 200 Watts of RMS. Ample for just about any in car audio lover. The potential customers will be happy to learn that the pair with this speakers is just under $100 which is quite inexpensive however be aware since those are 2 and perhaps not 3-way speakers thus build your audio platform accordingly.

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Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 6×9-Inches Full Range Coaxial Speakers

best 6x9 speakersPossibly the best buy on the list would be the rockford fosgate’s P1692 speaker collection. This is really a collection which contains two 2-way coaxial speakers in 6×9 dimension with terrific features and extremely low price. Since this is really a brand name product that you will acquire butyl rubber surround and polypropylene injection cone which will guarantee you an ideal sound and precise bass conseque.

Nevertheless, the basic power is perhaps not too great since this pair simply has approximately 150 Watts of peak power along with 75 Watts of RMS. This is perhaps not just a big power output, of course, but is ample for most users and also you will find a perfectly clean sound. This form of speakers is available in a number of sizes and power ranges and also we urge one of that the 6×9-inch ones.

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What are the other things that you should consider?

Power handling rating

The objectives of those ratings would be to determine if the outcome signal of this amplifier will fit the power rating of one’s own speaker. All speakers in industry come with two different power ratings. One rating is really for peak power, and one other one is for R MS. The peak power rating signifies that the maximum number of power the speaker can handle in a instant without sustaining damage.

The Root Mean Square (RMS) rating is your degree of continuous power that your speaker may deal with. Even the RMS rating is the more important of those 2 once you’re comparing two different speaker techniques. Nevertheless, the important thing is that companies have their unique procedure of testing to the expression power price.

Hence the RMS value might not be as accurate as you think. On a positive note, you are able to search for that the CEA certification. All of CEA certified audio services and products will possess authentic RMS values. You are able to utilize CEA-certified RMS worth to compare with the speaker’s systems. For further information on CEA certified products, you should assess several articles on CEA-2006 along with CEA-2031 compliant devices.

Brand reputation and warranty of 6×9 speakers

After-sales service may be main factor in deciding the best product that you select. You may never go wrong with some one of the top brands in the car audio market today. Kenwood, Pioneer, KICKER, Rockford Fosgate are typical reliable brands. If you’re looking to experiment with a number of the newer car audio brands, then you have to do your proper research.

We recommend you have a look at some item reviews in the e-commerce sites before purchasing from the new brand. Warranty information is likewise important. Most audio brands these days offer a 1-year warranty on their merchandise. But, BOSS Audio Systems provides 36 months warranty on their goods. We advise you to check the warranty information correctly before buying a speaker system of choice.

Design and fit

Most 6×9″ speaker programs possess a generic design. But if you’re in search of exciting designs, DS18 and also KICKER audio services and products may appeal to this. On the flip side, if you’re looking for speakers which will fit inside your car’s factory grilles, you ought to start looking for ones which do not protrude outwards.

Mounting hardware

If you’re looking to install the speakers on your own, check out the mounting hardware which arrives with this system.  In the instance of a best component speakers, tweeters may be tricky to mount.  If you aren’t cozy, seek the assistance of a professional.


To get several, replacing your factory car speakers is essential, also it is sometimes an excellent solution to improve your stereo sound or add a bass without having to head out and find an amplifier. If you think of exactly what features you would like from your own speakers and decide on a budget, then you will be ready to easily pick a listing of those best 6×9 speakers which will allow you to happy and prepared to rock outthere.

Most of my ten advocated picks are terrific bargains and may improve the sound in virtually any vehicle. So pick your favorite out of the list of best 6×9 speakers, then turn up the amount, and stone.

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